About ODC

Founded in 2005 to be on the frontline of technology, ODC Business Solutions provides digital marketing products and services enabling its clients to maximize engagement with their target audience and increase their marketing efficiency across all the digital channels they utilize.

With experienced employees in 6 global offices, ODC serves 2000+ clients throughout the world delivering high-quality omnichannel marketing experience through SmartMessage Marketing Platform.

ODC was recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in EMEA region and Turkey by Deloitte. ODC also kept its position among the 500 largest ITC companies of Turkey since its foundation. Through the years, ODC Business Solutions was the winner of many prestigious awards including European Business Award for business excellence.

As well as producing high technology software products and providing robust marketing services, ODC reflects its creative and customer-centric side via experienced in-house design and CX teams. ODC Business Solutions has strong partnership relations with local and global pioneer technology brands including Microsoft, Turkcell, Turk Telekom, and Vodafone. Microsoft crowned ODC as “Country Partner of the Year” in 2015.