All-in-one marketing platform that converts your leads into customers on any channel.

Orchestrated marketing delivers the best results. Our 2.000+ clients are our witnesses.

SmartMessage Marketing Platform contains all the essential elements to create and track a seamless customer journey.  Create a unified customer experience with omnichannel messaging across all of you digital channels via SmartMessage Engage. Interact with your audience to deliver more personalized messages and chatbot applications with SmartMessage Connect.  Let your customers decide when, how and in what context they prefer to be touched via SmartMessage Preference. Utilize the time saving and profitable merits of marketing automation and complex event processing with SmartMessage Autoflow. If you run a financial institution, let SmartMessage Secure prevent your customers from fraudulent activities with special authentications.

Built on a flexible infrastructure SmartMessage empowers you with the easiness of integration to your systems. Whether run on-premises or on cloud SmartMessage delivers you the high performance you need while implementing marketing activities for your audience.

Running a business with a consistent and uninterrupted brand experience across all channels and devices is every organization’s aim in our age. As an integrated powerful marketing tool SmartMessage Marketing Platform will provide you all the efficient solutions to measure behavior. Moreover, it will provide relevant and consistent messages and create seamless experiences across all touch points.

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