In addition to a supporting a large number of ISPs worldwide, ODC is the only MEA (The Middle East and Africa) regional partner of Return-path, the provider of the Sender Score Certification Program.

The Sender Score Certification is the one single whitelist program used for e-mail security (spam and virus control) by many major networks, including SpamAssassin, IronPort, Cloudmark, and Barracuda. It’s a comprehensive reputation measurement covering email senders worldwide. Once the clients get the Sender Score, they will have actionable insight on how to improve your reputation.

ODC delivers its clients comprehensive Sender Score consultancy services to improve the reputation of a critical engagement channel: email. Thus, our clients have the chance to increase their reach and lead conversation rates. Improving the Sender Score and reaching more people bring competitive advantages for our clients. ODC’s trusted expertise empower them with lead generation opportunities via e-mail channel.

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