Investor Relations

ODC Business Solutions is a company that provides software products and services to help brands engage with their target audiences via orchestration and utilization of digital channels on which they perform marketing activities. As stated in our SmartMessage Marketing Platform brand motto, we aim to produce smart, interactive & efficient products that empower brands in sustaining long-term fruitful relations with their customers.

With offices around the globe, ODC serves 2000+ institutions variating from enterprises to SMB from different industries. To manage this ODC qualifies experienced, creative and enthusiastic employees that are motivated by technological progress, and ready to help brands and people with their hard work, dedication, and positive attitude. ODC’s efforts were recognized and awarded by prestigious authorities including Deloitte and European Business Awards. ODC succeeded to stay in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Turkey list five years in a row. ODC plans to continue its global expansion with new offices in New York, London, Moscow and Saudi Arabia.


Leadership Team


Oğuz Küçükbarak


Oguz started up his company at a young age with his colleague Emin Altin after gaining experience at prestigious banks in the finance sector including HSBC, TEB, and BankEuropa. Oguz combined his industrial engineering background with fin-tech and mar-tech enthusiasm to come up with innovative software product ideas which later turned out to be number one omnichannel solution for enterprises in Turkey: SmartMessage Marketing Platform. Oguz’s dreams continue in the form of expanding ODC and SmartMessage Marketing Platform to new geographies at an accelerating pace. Naturally, he has to do it that way since he is a motorcycle rider who believes in “Rock Hard Ride Free” philosophy. And yes, he plays electro guitar too.

Emin Altın


Emin partnered with his colleague Oguz Kucukbarak to establish a company of his dreams after a successful banking career in pioneer banks of Turkey including BBVA Garanti Bank, HSBC, and BankEuropa. With his management experience and skills, Emin played a significant role in placing ODC Business Solutions in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 list that salutes the fastest growing companies in specific sectors. For building successful strategies “reading” has an inspirational power for Emin. Also as a devoted Galatasaray SK supporter, he always steps on the pitch for new victories and trophies. ODC’s success stories are just proofs of that.


Tuna Vehaplar Kartal

SVP, Global Sales&Partnering

Tuna prepared herself for the global scene as she spent years of success in energy, finance, and insurance industries at prestigious companies including BP, Akbank, Genworth and Garanti Emeklilik. As ministry of foreign affairs of ODC, Tuna played a supercritical role in developing business at global scale which ended as clients and partners located in USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Azerbeycan and many other countries around the world. Due to her incredible skills of communication and never ending energy Tuna was able to build a precious network that was hard to take down. Yes LinkedIn, we have a great rival against you.


Orçun Akın

Strategy&Business Development Director

Orcun joined ODC team after a 10+ years of experience in the telecommunications industry at Turk Telekom, Turkey’s leading TELCO company. Orcun leads ODC’s Business Development, Strategic Alliances and Partner teams. His vast experience and in-depth knowledge of marketing & strategy instantly helped ODC move into a wider spectrum of business development. Maybe this is due to his habit of seeing things from different perspectives in line with his photography passion. Along with being a technology and marketing enthusiast Orcun always has the best answers for the most common question in the office: “Where should we eat today?”.


Sevil Özkan

Sales&Marketing Director

After delivering stunning financial results in telecommunications industry Sevil started her journey in ODC as the director of sales and marketing. Under her leadership ODC’s commercial success sharply accelerated  ensuring the place of ODC among the fastest growing technology companies of Turkey (Thank you Deloitte for bringing this fact into life). Sevil has career roots in journalism, copywriting and literature, so we are pretty sure that she will catch our typos, misuse of words & writing mistakes at a glance (We still wonder how she still manages to do that on a thousand times controlled documents). She’s quite a singer but unfortunately finds no time for mesmerizing us with her voice. ( Favorite Song “Ok ladies, which invoices did we issue this month?”)


Serap Sayın

Finance&HR Director

Serap had a great experience of working in the corporate world including selective names of different industries including TARIS, Isiklar Holding and Gama Holding. Specialized in finance & HR, Serap had an instant impact on ODC’s financial and organizational progress. Orginating from Izmir where the most positive people of Turkey lives, Serap keeps bringing joy and laughter to her team and ODC office. Her wisdom is like a fuse box ensuring the profitability of the company.