SmartMessage Connect is a marketing tool that allows interactive & personalized brand communication with the target segment.

As one of the core sub-products of SmartMessage Marketing Platform, SmartMessage Connect produces efficient digital marketing activities based on the conversations and actions started by customers.

Along with the e-mail and SMS channels, SmartMessage Connect utilizes conversation based and AI related innovative and interactive activities such as chatbots. SmartMessage Connect allows brands to turn customer interactions into profitable results on the most popular instant messaging platforms.

Some of the main features of SmartMessage Connect are as follows;

  • Interactive two-way messages for personalized brand communication
  • Fast and smart interactions via artificial intelligence platforms such as chatbots
  • Technological capability to quickly add emergent platforms to the existing communication channels
  • Detailed insights on customer responses and behaviors

Along with many different areas of use, SmartMessage Connect can be deployed to increase the efficiency of inquiry services, application & registration, subscription and call center solutions.

For more details, please visit SmartMessage Marketing Platform website.