SmartMessage Preference is a digital marketing tool which enables companies to know their customers better and deliver more relevant messages via identification of their communication method choices and context interests. SmartMessage Preference handles the control to the consumers on how, when and with which context they wish to be connected via digital marketing channels.

SmartMessage Preference can be used as a stand-alone tool or a part of SmartMessage Marketing Platform that orchestrates all the digital marketing activities across the channels as an all-in-one tool. External and internal data can be fed into the system to deliver efficient outputs via SmartMessage Marketing Platform or own integrated systems of clients. Updated customer preferences are simultaneously fed into the SmartMessage Preference so that perfect deliveries can be actualized via requested channels by customers. Thus, SmartMessage Preference keeps the last updated info for improved personalization and engagement.

While SmartMessage Preference increases customer satisfaction by giving them the control to choose channels and context they prefer to use, it provides critical insights and precious marketing data for the brands to analyze their audience to improve their engagement.

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