SmartMessage Secure is an anti-fraud tool that prevents SIM card scams, and suspicious transaction attempts to increase the security of online interactions.

Discover how SmartMessage Secure will assist you in preventing fraudulence

Leaders in finance industry prefer SmartMessage Secure for its robustness in preventing especially SIM card frauds. With features produced for regulation technology supremacy, SmartMessage Secure increases the security level of online interactions. For industries like banking where fraud prevention is a crucial practice, SmartMessage Secure plays a critical role in blocking mobile based fraud attempts and ensures safety via instruments like one time passwords.

Protect your consumers with an exceptional authentication method

As an authentication method, a temporary one-time password (OTP) is commonly used to protect network access and end-users’ digital identities in the business world. For financial institutions like banks, this method is one of the most popular and convenient processes to prevent fraud issues.

Enhance the security of your online and mobile banking activities with SmartMessage Secure

For the banking sector, online security is a crucial issue. Confidentiality and protection of personal data are critical to a bank’s business success. SmartMessage Secure will provide you an extra layer of safety especially in cases of mobile number changes.

Create safer online banking experiences with the use of OTP applications

SmartMessage Secure will assist you in heightened security for mobile phone usage scenarios like SIM changes or mobile number transfers. Mandatory changes ruled by governing or regulating bodies are easily adapted to your system to increase safety and avoid penalties.

Benefit from a trustable partner for secure deliveries

SmartMessage Secure will simplify your OTP process with easy execution and management. With SmartMessage in place, there will be no need for additional hardware or infrastructure to execute your OTP deliveries. You will enjoy using your trustable existing gateways, and your customers will have more secure experiences on your online system.

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