Working in ODC

ODC Business Solutions operates with a focus on the technological progress that is empowered by visionary HR principles. At ODC we believe in the potential of individuals and also the power of teamwork.  We embrace the practices that will create a healthy, productive, inspiring and comfortable environment

Realizing our achievements that came to life with hard work and dedication of our team, we emphasize the superiority of the working conditions as a key factor to success.  Physical and psychological aspects of our workplaces are designed to bring our team success with inspirations from our corporate values.

Our Corporate Values:

  • Open-mindedness and innovation
  • Good intent and positive energy
  • Teamwork and togetherness
  • Creativity and responsibility
  • Simplicity and solution focused approach

We see our team members as movie stars that shine on the boulevard of technology. To make them shine even brighter, our management and HR teams work passionately to initiate motivational internal loyalty programs and increase the quality of the working conditions.